5th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference

Introduced first in 2008, this conference aims to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of tourism, hospitality and leisure research. The conference attracts submissions in two categories: 

  • First, it encourages those faculty members and/or graduate students studying in other fields/disciplines, but have research interests on tourism, hospitality and leisure. This category welcomes the submission of papers with single or multiple authors.
  • Second, for those contributors with a background in tourism, hospitality or leisure, the paper should be written by at least two multiple authors and each author should represent a different discipline, e.g. tourism+geography or tourism+economics etc.

All submissions should directly focus upon any aspect of tourism, hospitality and leisure research, e.g. sociology of tourism; management and marketing of tourism, geography of tourism; planning of tourism; psychology of tourism and leisure; economics of tourism, leisure and recreation, among others.Further to the success of its earlier series, this conference will be held in Cartagena, Spain, hosted by the journal Anatolia and Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

Invited Speakers

Regina Schlüter
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina
Jafar Jafari
University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA
Egon Smeral
Modul University, Austria
Donna Chambers
University of Sunderland, UK


David Harrison
King's College London, UK