3rd International Çeşme – Chios History, Culture and Tourism Symposium

All the social sciences seek to enlighten different aspects of life by applying unalike methodologies on human life. Their study of object is “human” which is also their common trait. One will remain incomplete without another and no science is enough to understand “human” alone. The questions posed

by the social scientists, who study on the same regions, to life of the people who have alike historic, cultural and geographical experiences will ensure the integrity and thereby the desired interdisciplinary meeting can be held. For that purpose, forming both international and interdisciplinary scientific platform is planned with a symposium organized by University of Aegean, Department of Business Administration and Ege University Cesme School of Tourism and Hotel Management. This symposium, which is organized for the third time, is in the aim of discussing the scientific problems of Chios Island, Cesme/Karaburun Peninsula as well as contributing to strengthen the cooperation and friendship between two countries. Therefore, we would like to invite the researchers who make researches or work on the region to support this scientific cooperation.